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Hello and welcome to Tower Escape on itch.io. I am very pleased to upload my first game here. Tower Escape is free, however if you enjoyed this game or feel like you will you can pay what ever you believe it to be worth. All funds received from this will go into developing Tower Escape for Mac.

About Tower Escape

  • Tower Escape is a 2D vertical side scrolling plat-former created with Game Maker Studio Free Edition.
  • In this game you will play as a recently freed prisoner form the top cell of a prison. The man who freed you is a master thief named Nate. You reach an agreement with him to collect all of the tower's greatest treasures called gems and to defeat the tower captain and his lieutenants.
  • Gems are spread out throughout the tower across multiple levels of it, along the way you may find other treasurers you can trade in for a new skill at Nate's hideout.
  • Once you have collected all of the gems and defeat the captain Nate will take you outside to your freedom.


  • -Press "W" or "Up Arrow" to jump.
  • -Press A" or "Left Arrow" to move left.
  • -Press "D" or "Right Arrow" to move right.
  • -Press/Hold "S" or "Down Arrow" to fall faster.
  • -Press "ESC" to pause the game, then press "Q" to quit or press "Enter" to return the title screen.
  • -Press "R" to restart the level.
  • -Press "Backspace" to return to the hideout.

Go to this site for a little more info https://sites.google.com/site/towerescapethegame/


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